Information needed to access online Materials

NWISD Student Online References Sheet

How to add school email to your phone or tablet

Needing to Scan a document to PDF (iphone instructions)

Accessing Documents from School

Accessing Classlink (Google Chrome Browser works best)

Accessing Office 365 (Microsoft Edge Browser works best)

Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 & can be accessed by logging into your Office 365 account on the internet (videos below)

Microsoft Teams - Creating a Basic Assignment (PDF)

Microsoft Teams - Students view a Basic Assignment (PDF)

Additional Training for Microsoft Teams (or any Microsoft Office Program) click here

             ** Staff once you are on the Microsoft Educator Center site you just login to the site with your NWISD credentials and can access all kinds of training materials.  In the search bar at the top of the site type in what Microsoft program you are needing training materials for (i.e. word, teams, excel, etc.) **

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams - Creating a Basic Assignment

Microsoft Teams - Student View of a Basic Assignment