Our student enrollment/registration is online in Parent Portal. You MUST have an email address to create a Parent Portal account.

Registration Instructions


You must be a resident of New Waverly ISD in order to enroll your student. For more information on enrollment eligibility, please refer to board policy FD (LEGAL) and FD (LOCAL). Complete and Submit New Student Enrollment online in Parent Portal. Please be thorough when completing the contact information for your student and add more than one contact for emergency purposes. Please be sure to print the required documents provided in Parent Portal. Bring your documents, along with the items listed below to the campus office of the school your child will attend:

  • Proof of residency, this can be a utility bill (electricity, water, or gas bill) that includes your name and physical address of the property.

  • Immunization records for your student(s)

  • Driver’s license of the enrolling parent/guardian

  • Birth certificate for your student(s)

  • Social security card for your student(s)

  • For students enrolling in Pre-K, you will also need to furnish proof of income.


If your student was enrolled in New Waverly ISD for the previous school year, you will need to do the returning student registration each new school year in Parent Portal. You are able to update your student's information, make changes to addresses, phone numbers and contacts throughout the year as well.

Failure of registration each year will result in a non-registered status for your child. To add/link your returning student to your Parent Portal account, please contact our PEIMS coordinator at jstepanski@new-waverly.k12.tx.us.