We strive each day to bring out the best in each student! We remind the students each morning that each and every one of them are smart, intelligent, and that they can do it!

It takes each and every one of us to provide a learning environment in which each child feels safe has the tools in which he/she can learn at his/her own pace and the means for advancing each child.

Communication is a two-fold process and the staff members here at New Waverly Elementary are committed to keeping each other in the loop, the parents and the students so that we can all reach the common goal…education for each individual child.

Please assist us by talking to your child each night about their school work, help them with their homework, and embrace reading in your home. Reading is key at the early stages of learning and making time to read with your child, taking a moment to model reading for them, and encouraging their reading are key components of success. As they read, limit their technology/television time and really promote the reading of books, magazines, and communicating one-on-one with your child. Math is also important, make time for your child to practice the math facts that he/she is presented within class.

Attendance is very critical for your child’s success. They must be here every day in order to not miss out on pertinent information. Please encourage and have your child here at school every day.

We encourage participation from parents and have many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to let the front office or your child’s teacher know that you are available for various projects/volunteering throughout the year.

Our theme this year is, “Team Waverly, we work as a team here at NWES!” We are encouraging unity and working together just as football teams, baseball teams, basketball teams, cheer squads, drill teams, etc… Students are encouraged to wear their favorite team jersey on Mondays! We are talking to our students now about the importance of good decisions now for their future, life after New Waverly ISD…college, armed forces, technical school, trade school, etc… We believe that it is never too early to educate our students about what it takes to succeed in today’s world.

We would like the parents and community to know that we consider you all part of our team. WE cannot get everything done without you all in our system. Please feel free to volunteer or assist throughout the year. Thank you in advance!

Blessed wishes for a safe and productive school year,

Mrs. Tiffany Forester, Principal