September 13, 2021

Good afternoon,

We know that we are all watching for information concerning Tropical Storm Nicholas. Since we want to be as proactive as possible and remain wise in our planning, we felt that it was important to update our families.

Based on the most current information, we plan to have school as normal tomorrow and at regular start times.

We will continue to monitor the situation because we all know that the weather can change quickly. As a result, we are aware that decisions may need to change. However, based on the most recent information provided in State of Texas conference calls, it appears that our area should see rain but be able to maintain normal operation.

NWISD works through numerous sources to monitor the weather and make decisions. Among the steps we take are the following:

• Conference calls with state and local officials

• Contact with other school districts

• Coordination with Walker County Office of Emergency Operations

• Solicit input from district officials

• Additionally, we attempt to physically asses roads as well during events

Should the information that we receive change or should the storm itself react in an unpredictable manner, we will notify you of changes through our app/website, media outlets, and any other social media accounts we maintain.

As always, the weather can change quickly so please stay safe and we will update you as needed.

Again, we are currently planning for school to be normal for Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

In Bulldog Pride

Darol Hail, Ed. D.