For course selection, we are using Txmyzone for you to see the course request.

Here is the link:

You will need the DOB, last 4 digits of SS# and school ID#(lunch/library#) to access this program. Email me if you are unable to find this information.

This program will show your course request for next year and high school semester credits with semester grades.

Students need 7 classes on their list:

  1. English

  2. Math

  3. Science

  4. Social Studies (remember that government and economics together make a year - long course)

  5. Choice - look at elective sheet and four - year plan

  6. Choice - look at elective sheet and four - year plan

  7. Choice - look at elective sheet and four - year plan

If there are any changes needed, email Debbie Choate,

Let Mrs. Choate know what class to drop and what class to add:drop English II and add Pre AP English II

The attachments give you helpful information to make your selections. Please refer to these for elective descriptions, course sequences and the year by year grid on the four - year plan.

If you are taking a dual credit course and it is not listed on your schedule request, let me know. Some of the elective courses that are offered are not listed yet. I am happy to double check your requested dual credit registration. Email me with any questions.

TSI testing for dual credit: The Lone Star Testing Center offers at home proctoring testing.

The website to register is

There is another way to test for TSI at home using Examity. Email to have Mrs. Choate register you for that testing.

Next year 10-12th grades: course request change emails to Mrs. Choate are due by Friday, May 22.

Next year 9th graders: Course request change emails and four - year plans are due to Mrs. Choate by Friday, May 22.

Elective Course Information                                  Four Year Plan Information