March 16-20 Online Instructional Materials

Pre-K            Kindergarten           Kindergarten Sight Word Challenge            1st Grade            2nd Grade

3rd Grade (Math)             3rd Grade (Reading/Language Arts)           4th Grade                    4th Grade SPED

5th Grade           5th Grade SPED           6th Grade             7th Grade           8th Grade                9th-12th Grade                 

March 23-27 Online Instructional Materials

 PreK - 3rd Grade - The packet from last week was for 2 weeks.  A new packet will be available next Monday.  Please feel free to continue working in any of the online programs the student has access to in their Classlink Account.

4th Grade           4th Grade SPED           5th Grade            5th Grade SPED       Intermediate Microsoft Teams

6th Grade                     7th Grade                            8th Grade                     9th-12th Grade

March 30 - April 3 Online Instructional Materials

Pre-K         Kindergarten       1st Grade         2nd Grade          3rd Grade         4th Grade            4th Grade SPED

5th Grade             5th Grade SPED          6th Grade           7th Grade              8th Grade                 9th-12th Grade

April 6 - 10 ONLINE Instructional Materials

Pre-K        Kindergarten         Kindergerten Supplement        1st Grade         2nd Grade      3rd Grade

4th Grade              4th Grade SPED             5th Grade                  5th Grade SPED

6th Grade              7th Grade                       8th Grade                   9th-12th Grade