7:50am – 3:20pm. Drop offs in front of the main building starting at 7:20. Please do not drop in front of the gym or make U-turn. Follow the circle around the edges of the parking lot. Afternoon pick up in front of school.

7 academic periods each day. We also have an Activity Period. Students change classes on their own! All 6th graders must take a Fine Art – either art or band. You will have a locker, but because of space concerns, we usually don’t allow backpacks in the classroom. If you bring a backpack, make sure it is small enough to fit inside your locker!

Dress code:

No gym shorts or shorts that have elastic waistbands.

No holes in jeans that are above the knee. Keep them patched so skin does not show.

Girls who wear tights must have a long shirt or top that comes within 5” of the knees.

Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phones are not to be turned on during the school day unless permission is granted by a teacher for use in class. CAUTION: Cell phones are often lost or stolen. Bring them at your own risk!


Good behavior at the junior high is a requirement for all students. Students may be disciplined if their behavior is not acceptable. Discipline techniques may include corporal punishment, In-School Suspension (SAC), lunch detention, Out-of-School suspension or placement in Alternative School. Also, attendance at school sponsored activities such as football or basketball games must include parent supervision.


For more information contact us at the school!   (936)344-2246

2017-2018 School Supply List

Welcome to New Waverly Junior High School!

The staff of New Waverly Junior High School believes that ALL students can learn and can achieve mastery of basic grade level skills, regardless of their previous academic performance, family background, socioeconomic status, race, or gender. We believe that our school’s purpose is to educate all students to high levels of academic performance, while fostering positive growth on social/emotional behaviors and attitudes. We accept the responsibility to teach all students so that they can attain their maximum educational potential.


Recent News

Attendance is important!!!  Please be sure that your child is at school every day!  

Attendance is taken by each teacher, every class period.  We give students up to 10 minutes of class time to count as a tardy.  If a student misses more than 10 minutes of class, however, it is counted as an absence since the student did not attend the entire day.  This applies at both the beginning of class and at the end of class.  So if a student is more than 10 minutes late getting to class, they receive an “absence”, or if they leave at the end of class more than 10 minutes before the ending bell, they receive an “absence”.   

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