Welcome to New Waverly Bulldog Football

Our season is in full swing.  We would like to encourage fans to continue their support for our football teams, as well as our volleyball teams.  We are asking that all students be accompanied by a parent during all home games and that they stay in the stadium at all times.  Thank you for your support.  Go DOGS!!!

New Waverly Football Attire:

Cleats (black, white, maroon)

Armbands 4 (Varsity only- black, white, maroon)

No visors, unless prescribed by an Optometrist

No sleeves

Arm pads (black)

Socks (black, white, maroon)

Tights (black or white)

Gloves (black, white, maroon)
***Please do not purchase items that won’t be permitted to be worn***



For the month of October, all football players are allowed to wear one item of pink.  A pair of socks or a pair of gloves would constitute as one item.

2017-2018 Bulldog Football Schedule

Athletic Director/Head Football Coach:

Dean Schaub dschaub@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Assistant Coaches:

Offensive Coordinator – Greg Gonzales ggonzales@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Defensive Coordinator – Jacob Huckabay jhuckabay@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Larry Carlson lcarlson@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Melvin Williams mwilliams1@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Michael Schroeder mschroeder@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Cody Bloom cbloom@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Gene Ballew Jr.gballew@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Dennis Cufr dcufr@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Jorge Arana jarana@new-waverly.k12.tx.us

Chris Harvey charvey1@new-waverly.k12.tx.us