Click the following link to access the login page for Kid’s College: Kid’s College/Stride Academy

Below are the KCC Codes for the teachers’ classes. Students will select their name in the roster and enter their password.

Baum KCC30839
Baum KCC30839
Bellinoski KCC26541
Billnoske KCC46007
Coleman KCC27684
Deese CKK96735
DeWalt KCC34963
Hatcher KCC55688
Hendrix KCC62577
Hooks KCC93133
Junco KCC38073
Klawinsky KCC04194
Kooken KCC08245
Neumann KCC67975
Shoulders – K KCC66746
Shoulders – First KCC10782
Stepanski KCC62577
Whitley4th KCC38031
Whitley5th KCC88137