District Nursing Staff

Julie Simmons, RN

Cathy Speegle, EMT-B

DaShaun Tolbert,  Clinic Assistant


State Immunizations Letter to Parents

2015-2016 Required Immunization Letter to Parents (English)

2015-2016 Required Immunization Letter to Parents (Spanish)


Required Immunizations

2015-2016 Immunization Requirements (English)

2015-2016 Immunization Requirements (Spanish)

2015-206 Exclusions from Immunization (English)

2015-2016 Exclusions from Immunization (Spanish)


All information about current communicable diseases & vaccine requirements can be located at the Texas Department of State Health Services website below.

 Additional information can be located on the ImmunizeTexas web site.

School Health Advisory Council

SHAC (School Health Advisory Council) is a school board advisory group of individuals who represent different segments of the community. The NWISD SHAC is made up of parents, community members, students and school staff working together to improve the health of all students and families through coordinated school health programs.

SHAC Minutes April 29, 2015

SHAC Minutes October 14, 2015

SHAC Minutes December 2, 2015

Other Resources

School District Wellness Policy