Private Non-Profit Schools

New Waverly, Texas

A.  Action Requested:  Contact New Waverly ISD

Your Private Non-Profit school may be eligible to receive educational services from the Federal Title programs under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Please contact New Waverly ISD Central Office for more information by June 22, 2018.

Contact Person:  Justin Gray

Phone:  936-344-9745

Fax:  936-344-6942


Mailing Address:   ­­­­­­355 Front Street

                               New Waverly TX 77358

B.  Information: Federal Requirement

Every Student Succeeds Act:  The LEA will provide services to eligible students attending private elementary and secondary schools in accordance with Sec. 1117 (Participation of Children Enrolled in Private Schools), and timely, ongoing, and meaningful consultation with private school officials regarding such services.  [P.L. 114-95, Sec. 1112 (c)(2)]